Stomach Ulcer Symptoms or Just Heartburn?

Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

Ulcers typically occur in the duodenum, which is found just past the pyloric sphincter. A minority of ulcer cases occur in the stomach itself.

Stomach ulcers symptoms and heartburn symptoms are very similar, causing many people to confuse these two conditions. In this article, we will be revealing to DCDDISCs readers some simple methods for telling these two conditions apart.


Stomach Ulcer Symptoms vs Heartburn

The primary reason for the confusion between stomach ulcer symptoms and heartburn symptoms is due to the fact that both can result in burning stomach pain. However, there are some simple ways to tell these two conditions apart.

Here is a list:

  • Stomach ulcer symptoms are worse an empty stomach and typically get better after eating. Heartburn symptoms on the other hand typically peak after eating (or within an hour or two of eating).

The end result is that people who have stomach ulcer symptoms may find themselves getting woken up in the middle of the night or early in the morning with burning stomach pain.

Those who suffer from heartburn will rarely make it to bed in the first place; they will experience their heartburn symptoms right when lying down and may not make it asleep in the first place!

  • Peptic ulcer symptoms typically center on burning stomach pain, whereas heartburn centers on burning chest pain.

I think this is a pretty simple distinction; most people with ulcer pain will feel it right around their stomach, whereas heartburn is typically felt in the chest, directly behind the sternum along the mid-line of the torso.

  • Heartburn symptoms can often be manipulated by changing body position, whereas stomach ulcer symptoms tend to remain constant.

If you experience a surge in symptoms if you bend forward or lie down, odds are you are dealing with heartburn. Stomach ulcer symptoms typically not easily manipulated simply by changing body position.

  • Stomach ulcer symptoms do not respond to heartburn remedies, whereas heartburn remedies can be used to significantly reduce heartburn symptoms.

A lot of heartburn remedies, such as chewing gum, can reduce heartburn symptoms. This remedy aids digestion by producing saliva and encouraging the digestion of food. Many people suffering from heartburn will experience immediate relief from symptoms as soon as they start chewing on a piece of gum.

On the other hand, ulcer symptoms are not easily remedied except via eating food or usage of a stomach-coating agent such as pepto-bismol. Those who suffer from stomach ulcer symptoms are not likely to get relief unless they are able to do something to reduce the severity of their ulcer.

  • Both serious ulcers and heartburn may result in chronic symptoms.

The most important thing to know about both stomach ulcer symptoms and heartburn is that both conditions warrant doctor attention should they become chronic.

Ulcers rarely go away on their own and typically need antibiotic treatment. Heartburn on the other hand, if it occurs over time, may actually be gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD for short.

If both conditions are left untreated, serious complications may result. Due to this, if you experience either stomach ulcer symptoms or heartburn symptoms on a regular basis you will want to talk to your doctor to see if you need treatment.